4x4 Accessories

Engel fridges Johannesburg,South Africa

Engel Fridge/Freezer

Suitable for 76, 79 Series 80 Series and 100series Land Cruisers

Available in 32l,40,60l and 80l

National Luna 50 Twin
National Luna 50-Twin Weekender

The 50-litre Twin is able to cool and freeze .

Indel B Fridges 15l & 18l

Indel B Fridges

15 & 18 litre capacity

Ctek Battery chargers


DC/DC SOLUTION FOR OPERATIONAL CHARGING The D250S DUAL charger obtains its energy from DC sources such as alternators, solar panels or wind power and optimises this power to meet the charging requirements of different battery banks.

InervoltPro charging Systems & space savers

Intervolt DCC 12v 25A Pro Charging Kit 

The DCC Pro is a true 25 Amp charger, that is, 25 Amps at 50°C all day, every day.The DCC Pro is kitted with a in-cabin display for remote monitoring of the auxiliary charging status.

Wheel Spacers Land Cruiser 76,78,79 Series Baillies Off Road

Wheel Spacers - 76,78,79 Series Land Cruiser

Wheel Spacers for rear differential to match front track

Seed Screen Land Cruiser  - Baillies Off Road

Seed Screen Land Cruiser

Drop down - Seed Screen - Fits in behind grill

Exhaust System for Land Cruiser V8

Exhaust System

Stainless Steel for 76/79 Series Cruiser V8 Diesel

4x4 Roller Drawer Systems & space savers

Roller Drawer Systems

Organiser and space saver


4x4 Fitment

To ensure the correct installation of all 4x4 Accessories Baillies Off Road must be your first choice.


Years of experience in the 4x4 industry and attention to detail gives Baillies Off Road, the leading edge

Quality Accessories

We pride ourselves in fitting quality products


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